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Please keep doing problems on the Chess Tactics Server (CTS).
Do as many as you can/want. The more the better, as long as you go through the solutions if you get the wrong answer.

You can keep track of how the team is doing on CTS by clicking on the links below.

Current Leaders:- Updated 1/13/2009

Most Problems : 1334 Roshan
Highest Rating : 1298 Roshan
Best Success Rate : 60.5 % Roshan

TSHSTbaldwino Noal
TSHSTmageema Maya M.
TSHSTminixsa Sam M.
TSHSTmuenzeja Jake M.
TSHSTrabishja Jake R.
TSHSTschiekma Maya S.
TSHSTseabroco Cole
TSHSTstacysa Sam S.
TSHSTtoyebr Brandon
TSHSTwijeturo Roshan
Bertz Colin

2nd Place !

Dec 20 Tournament : We played as a Club team (Tosa Leopards).

Click here for tournament information

The team
  1. Brandon Toye
  2. Colin Bertz
  3. Noal Baldwin
  4. Roshan Wijetunge
  5. Jake M.
  6. Maya Magee
  7. Cole Seabrook

Click here for results

Official pictures here

Wisconsin State Quick Championship

The Wisconsin State Quick Championship was held on Dec. 13.

In the Scholastic section, Roshan won the 5th grade Trophy and Keanu won the 8th grade trophy!

3rd Place!

The kids had another great outing to win 3rd place. Roshan scored 5.0/5.0 to win first place in the indvidual standings.

Click here for more pictures

Click here for more event pictures

Click here for complete results

Future Dates

I would like the kids to attempt problems (min. 10-25 a day ) on the Chess Tactics Server.
[If you get the wrong answer please check the solution]

Dec. 4 Class
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Place: Wauwatosa Public Library - Room 5 (Can hold 10 people)
Please leave a comment if you will be attending.

The following plan to attend:
Jake M.
Colin Bertz
Sam Stacey

Dec. 6 Tournament (Cost $10.00)
Donges Bay Elementary School, Donges Bay Road, Mequon, WI
Click here for details

Please leave a comment if you will be attending.

The following plan to attend:
  1. Jake M.
  2. Roshan
  3. Sam Stacey
  4. Noal
  5. Maya M.
  6. Cole Seabrook

Good job team!

We finished in a tie for 4th place. Every one played hard. There were 71 players in the K-6 section. Roshan finished in 12th place in the individual standings.

The team had a great time at the beautiful USM campus. Extras included; use of one of the indoor gyms and access to a giant chess board.Click here for more pictures.

The tournament has been rated;


Tournament - Nov. 22

Click here for Tournament Information

I will be there early to make payments etc. Please be there by 9:15 am

More than 125 have pre-registered!, click here to see the list. (Including the Nation's 5th ranked 11 year old , Alexander Velikanov who has an expert's rating of 2046)

Every one should have userIDs and passwords to the Chess Tactics Server. Please log in and do some problems (as many as you want!) If you get the wrong answer, please check the solution.


Nov. 20th Meeting
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Place: Wauwatosa Public Library - Room 5 (Can hold 10 people) Please leave a comment if you will be attending.

The following plan to attend:
Jake M.
Sam M.
Sam S.

Nov. 22 Tournament(University School, Milwaukee). Click here for details
It will make things simpler if I do the registrations. I have already registered the kids with * below. The cost is $20 ($10 for 1 year USCF membership, and $10 for the tournament).

Click here for current Registrations

The following plan to play:

  1. *Brandon
  2. *Cole
  3. *Jake M.
  4. *Maya M.
  5. *Noal
  6. *Roshan
  7. *Sam S.
  8. *Sam M.

*Have been registered

Oshkosh Tournament

Roshan won 2nd place in his section

Nov 6th Meeting

Brandon, Jake M., Jake R., Maya S., Noal, Roshan, Sam M., and Sam Stacey attended.

Home work : Please go to this website and work at your own pace to complete the classes in order. Try to spend at least 20 min a day. Of course you may spend more! Make sure to do the quizzes at the end of each lesson and score at least 90% before you proceed to the next lesson.


Nov. 6th Meeting

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Place: Wauwatosa Public Library - Room 5 (Can hold 10 people) Please leave a comment if you will be attending.

Nov. 8-9 Tournament.(UW Oshkosh) This is an individual event (No team awards) Click here for details. Roshan and Cole plan to play in the Scholastic section, I plan to play in the adult section.

Nov. 22 Tournament(University School, Milwaukee).
Note: I think it will make things simpler if I register who ever is interested. I have already registered Brandon, Noal & Roshan. The cost is $20. $10 for USCF (1 year membership), and $10 for the tournament.
Click here for current Registrations

This tournament will be USCF rated. The organizers are offering a 7$ discount that will make the one year membership $10.

The entry fee for the tournament is an additional $10. Click here for details.

Unlike the Nov 1 tournament this tournament will have a K-6 section (instead of K-5), which means that the competition will be tougher, and there will also be 6 games instead of 5.

USCF - Is the national chess federation. If one wants to get a national rating (ranking) member ship is required. This is an excellent opportunity to get the membership at a discounted rate.

K-6 means kindergarten through grade 6 will be allowed to play in that section

The following plan to attend:

Nov 8th-9th Tournament, Oshkosh Click here for details
Nov 22nd Tournament, University School, Milwaukee Click here for details
Sam M.
*Have Registered Click here to view all registrations

3rd Place!!!

Click here for the rest of the pictures

Click here for the complete results

We got the 3rd place trohpy with a great team effort. Roshan (4.0/5.0), Brandon (3.0/4.0), Sam (2.0/5.0) and Maya (1.5/5.0)

Click here for information about the tournament

October 30 - Meeting

Date: October 30
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Place: Wauwatosa Public Library - Room 5 (Can hold 10 people)

This room can only hold 10, if space becomes an issue, I would like to give preference to kids who plan to play on Nov. 1. Please leave a comment if you plan on comming.

I will also bring the chess sets in case you would like to purchase one ($7)

The following attended:
Jake R
Sam M


Chess Sets - I bought several chess sets and boards at whole sale price. They are $7 (board and pieces). I think it's a good idea to have a tournament style set at home. If you are interested let me know.

November 1 Tournament - Four have registered (Sam, Roshan, Brandon, Jake R) If you anyone else would like to register please email( ) me the address and D.O.B. The cost is $10, you can bring it on Saturday or I can collect it at the next chess meeting.
Early registration ends October 30th

Next Chess Meeting - Oct 3o. It's important to make the Thursday meeting if you plan to play in the tournament(especially if you did not make it to the Oct 23 meeting) so that I can introduce chess clocks etc.

November 8-9 Tournament -
2008-2009 Wisconsin Junior Open & WCA Veteran's Tournament
This one is a 2 day event in Oshkosh. Roshan and his brother will be playing. I plan to play too.
Details are here.

If you have any questions please leave comments.

Chess Team Meeting

Date: October 23
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Place: Wauwatosa Public Library - Room 5 (Can hold 10 people)

Meeting (The following attended)
Maya S

Maya M
Jake M

Tournament (The following plan to attend)
Sam - Registered
Roshan - Registered
Brandon - Registered

Jake R - Registered

Tournament - Nov 1

I think that it will be a lot of fun for the kids if they can participate in a tournament as a team. (A team can be any size, the top 4 scores are used for prizes).

There is one coming up on November 1st. Click here for details.

I realize that this is only 2 weeks away. Not every one will be ready since some kids are just learning the moves.

Requirements for Playing in a tournament:

Know basic chess rules (including mate, stalemate, castling, and en passant)
All the above can be found here

Know how to take chess notation. Click here

Know how to use a chess clock. Click here

If you have any questions please leave a comment.

Day 1

Today I worked with 8 kids that already knew how to play. It's easy to teach when the kids are interested in learning. Fun was had by all.

Today's group:
Maya M
Emma (grade 2)
Maya S
Jake M

I found this site that is great for learning the game.

I am willing to volunteer to coach for about an hour a week out side school, but I would have to find a suitable location. (We live in an apartment so there is not enough space)