Chess Team Meeting

Date: October 23
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Place: Wauwatosa Public Library - Room 5 (Can hold 10 people)

Meeting (The following attended)
Maya S

Maya M
Jake M

Tournament (The following plan to attend)
Sam - Registered
Roshan - Registered
Brandon - Registered

Jake R - Registered


Bridgette said...

Maya S will be there on Thursday. Thank you for doing this! It is such a great opportunity!

Jennifer101 said...

Jake M will be there on Thursday, but cannot attend the Nov. 1st tournament.

Christie Toye said...

Should I register Brandon on-line for the tourney?

Jennifer101 said...

Jake M will NOT be at the tournament on Nov 1.

Anonymous said...

I registered Brandon.

Clickc here for Registrations

Anonymous said...

Removed Jake from tournament

Anonymous said...

The 2 Jakes confused me. I think I have it now. Jake M will be there Thursday but not Nov. 1, vice versa for Jake R