October 30 - Meeting

Date: October 30
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Place: Wauwatosa Public Library - Room 5 (Can hold 10 people)

This room can only hold 10, if space becomes an issue, I would like to give preference to kids who plan to play on Nov. 1. Please leave a comment if you plan on comming.

I will also bring the chess sets in case you would like to purchase one ($7)

The following attended:
Jake R
Sam M


Nerissa said...

Cole can attend 10/30 meeting.

Marcy Minix said...

Sam M will be attending the 10/30 meeting and he has an envelope with $10 for Ivan.

Jill Baldwin said...

Noal is unable to attend the meeting on Oct. 30. We would like to purchase one of the tournament boards. Will you be at school at pickup time Tues or Wed? Perhaps I can pick one up then?

Anonymous said...

How about Wednesday morning?


jill baldwin said...

Darn, I don't think Wed morning will work. Perhaps you could hold one for me, as I definitely want to buy one. I can get it at their next practice.
Thanks :) Jill

Christie Toye said...

Brandon can attend the 10/30 meeting.

Charmaine Rabishaw said...

Jake R. will attend the meeting and the tournament.

Charmaine Rabishaw said...

Sorry, Jake R. will be going to the meeting but he does not feel ready for the tournament.

Ivan said...

This is a tournament where there will be lots of beginners, so I would like to encourage Jake R. to play.

Brandon, Sam and Roshan will be playing

Nerissa said...

I'm sorry I won't be able to bring Cole to the 11/1 tourney. The day is just a little too full of activities already.


Charmaine Rabishaw said...

Jake R. can attend 11/6. We are not certain about 11/22 because we have another commitment. We will see what we can work out.