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Please keep doing problems on the Chess Tactics Server (CTS).
Do as many as you can/want. The more the better, as long as you go through the solutions if you get the wrong answer.

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Current Leaders:- Updated 1/13/2009

Most Problems : 1334 Roshan
Highest Rating : 1298 Roshan
Best Success Rate : 60.5 % Roshan

TSHSTbaldwino Noal
TSHSTmageema Maya M.
TSHSTminixsa Sam M.
TSHSTmuenzeja Jake M.
TSHSTrabishja Jake R.
TSHSTschiekma Maya S.
TSHSTseabroco Cole
TSHSTstacysa Sam S.
TSHSTtoyebr Brandon
TSHSTwijeturo Roshan
Bertz Colin

2nd Place !

Dec 20 Tournament : We played as a Club team (Tosa Leopards).

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The team
  1. Brandon Toye
  2. Colin Bertz
  3. Noal Baldwin
  4. Roshan Wijetunge
  5. Jake M.
  6. Maya Magee
  7. Cole Seabrook

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Official pictures here

Wisconsin State Quick Championship

The Wisconsin State Quick Championship was held on Dec. 13.

In the Scholastic section, Roshan won the 5th grade Trophy and Keanu won the 8th grade trophy!

3rd Place!

The kids had another great outing to win 3rd place. Roshan scored 5.0/5.0 to win first place in the indvidual standings.

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