3rd Place!

The kids had another great outing to win 3rd place. Roshan scored 5.0/5.0 to win first place in the indvidual standings.

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Christie Toye said...


Jamelle Magee said...

The TSHST Leopards ROCK!

Nerissa said...

I think that this team has been an AWESOME opportunity for the kids that otherwise weren't able to compete or even play on a regular basis. (Thanks Ivan!)
Cole was anxiously awaiting news of the results to be posted last night as he had to leave the tournament early. Of course that picture of everyone else holding that trophy was a little hard on the 9 yr old soul! :) Wow, I didn't believe that anything besides sports could get Cole this excited. Way to go TSHST!

toolebertz@ameritech.net said...

Congrats! Great playing.