Future Dates

I would like the kids to attempt problems (min. 10-25 a day ) on the Chess Tactics Server.
[If you get the wrong answer please check the solution]

Dec. 4 Class
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Place: Wauwatosa Public Library - Room 5 (Can hold 10 people)
Please leave a comment if you will be attending.

The following plan to attend:
Jake M.
Colin Bertz
Sam Stacey

Dec. 6 Tournament (Cost $10.00)
Donges Bay Elementary School, Donges Bay Road, Mequon, WI
Click here for details

Please leave a comment if you will be attending.

The following plan to attend:
  1. Jake M.
  2. Roshan
  3. Sam Stacey
  4. Noal
  5. Maya M.
  6. Cole Seabrook


Anonymous said...

Jake M will attend class and the tournament.

jill baldwin said...

Noal Baldwin will be at practice. He will not be able to attend the tournament.

toolebertz@ameritech.net said...

Hi Ivan -

Colin Bertz will be there. He attends Wilson School, has played several Scholastic tournaments over the years (Magellan Day School), and would like to join the team.

Mary Toole

Christie Toye said...

Brandon will be at chess class on 12/4. He will not be at this weekend's tournament. Good luck!

Ann Stacey said...

Sam Stacey will be at practice and he would like to attend the tournamen, but we have a conflict Saturday morning....if someone could get Sam there, his dad could bring home a few kids.

Ivan said...

I can take Sam S.

Nerissa said...

Cole would have to leave the tournament by 1:30/1:45pm. I know you mentioned taking a bye and missing another game. Would he be able to get enough games in during that time frame? Or are we better off to just wait for another tournament?

Anonymous said...

He should be able to play the first 4 rounds by 1:45

and get a half point bye for round 5