Nov. 20th Meeting
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Place: Wauwatosa Public Library - Room 5 (Can hold 10 people) Please leave a comment if you will be attending.

The following plan to attend:
Jake M.
Sam M.
Sam S.

Nov. 22 Tournament(University School, Milwaukee). Click here for details
It will make things simpler if I do the registrations. I have already registered the kids with * below. The cost is $20 ($10 for 1 year USCF membership, and $10 for the tournament).

Click here for current Registrations

The following plan to play:

  1. *Brandon
  2. *Cole
  3. *Jake M.
  4. *Maya M.
  5. *Noal
  6. *Roshan
  7. *Sam S.
  8. *Sam M.

*Have been registered


jill baldwin said...

Noal will be there on Thursday - sorry about last week (he still was not 100%):(
I will call you this week or talk to you on Thursday re: carpooling on Sat???

Christie Toye said...

Hi. Brandon will be there on Thursday.

Nerissa said...

Cole will attend Thursday. Also I will bring a copy of Cole's USCF card and $10 to the meeting so you can register for the 11/22nd tournament. Can I make a check out to ....?

Anonymous said...

Jake M will be there on Thursday.

Ann Stacey said...

Sam S will be at meeting tomorrow and the tournament....$20 check to Ivan or WSCA? or two checks? Please confirm.

Ivan said...

To make things simple, please make out checks to "Ivan Wijetunge"

$20 For USCF + Tournament or

$10 For Tournament if you already have USCF

Jennifer101 said...

Jake M. WILL be able to attend the tournament on Saturday. I will bring a check for $20 on Thursday night to practice.

Charmaine Rabishaw said...

Jake will not be attending the meeting this week. I am not sure about the tournament, I'll let you know.

Ann STacey said...

Sam will be at meeting tomorrow