Nov. 6th Meeting

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Place: Wauwatosa Public Library - Room 5 (Can hold 10 people) Please leave a comment if you will be attending.

Nov. 8-9 Tournament.(UW Oshkosh) This is an individual event (No team awards) Click here for details. Roshan and Cole plan to play in the Scholastic section, I plan to play in the adult section.

Nov. 22 Tournament(University School, Milwaukee).
Note: I think it will make things simpler if I register who ever is interested. I have already registered Brandon, Noal & Roshan. The cost is $20. $10 for USCF (1 year membership), and $10 for the tournament.
Click here for current Registrations

This tournament will be USCF rated. The organizers are offering a 7$ discount that will make the one year membership $10.

The entry fee for the tournament is an additional $10. Click here for details.

Unlike the Nov 1 tournament this tournament will have a K-6 section (instead of K-5), which means that the competition will be tougher, and there will also be 6 games instead of 5.

USCF - Is the national chess federation. If one wants to get a national rating (ranking) member ship is required. This is an excellent opportunity to get the membership at a discounted rate.

K-6 means kindergarten through grade 6 will be allowed to play in that section

The following plan to attend:

Nov 8th-9th Tournament, Oshkosh Click here for details
Nov 22nd Tournament, University School, Milwaukee Click here for details
Sam M.
*Have Registered Click here to view all registrations


jill baldwin said...

Noal is able to attend practice on Nov 6. He is also able to participate in the tournament on Nov 22.

Nerissa said...

Please include Cole for the 11/6 meeting and the 11/22 tournament.

Marcy Minix said...

Sam M will attend practice on the 6 and will be able to participate on Nov. 22

Anonymous said...

Jake will attend the nov 6th meeting.

Christie Toye said...

Brandon will be attending practice on Nov. 6th as well as participate in the tournament on Nov. 22nd.

jill baldwin said...

Regarding payment/registration for the tournament on the 22nd. Do we register individually or as a team? If it is as a team is it $20/player? Do we pay you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it will be easier if you pay me. It is $10 for the USCF and $10 for the tournament.